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We adopted Luc the black lab (above) from you last May (he’s now Victor), and he is an awesome perfect dog. He loves his family and stays very close. I really liked adopting the puppy from you at a few months old. He knew commands and was so well behaved.

Luca our fox red (above) acclimated to his name after the first day.  He is a smart boy.  Adding to his list of common commands.  You guys did a great job training him!  Thank you!

Emma did such a great job with Casey! He has been back home for over 3 weeks now and he is such a good boy for not quite 6 months old. The “leave it” command is very useful when we are just out in the yard and he has to try and taste everything. He has a really nice foundation of skills to work with as we continue his training. Thank you!!

Another update 3 months after take home:  He is a super star with his obedience training. Very good with puzzle toys. Loves playing fetch maybe more than anything. My in-laws couldn’t believe how well behaved he was Christmas Day.

If anyone is looking to have their dogs in obedience classes or need any sort of training for your dog from basic obedience to hunting or just walking.. Emma (old house labs) is one amazing person.. What she has done with Charlie in 3 classes is amazing  I couldn't be more pleased.. thanks so much Emma..

Ace has been WAY better with sit/down/stay, and i can get control of him easier when we go walking! So we take him to the park now. He still gets into things he shouldn’t (like he ate a stick of butter off the counter yesterday and gets into trash cans).  But overall he does listen better than before.

Ella has been a great dog. We have met more of our neighbors walking her. People cross the street and stop their cars to meet her.  We are working with a trainer who has lots of offerings, including therapy dog classes. (It’s an advanced course, so we are working up to it.) Ella has been really great with my son- she’s pretty bombproof when it comes to noises. Thanks for helping lay the foundation for that.

Gem practicing to complete his CD title

(two above videos) Luxe running started for Northern Montezuma HRC

Old House Labrador Retrievers
* Old House Labs reserves the right to first choice of litters
*In general,  Old House Labs  sells the fox red on limited registration
unless exceptions are agreed upon ahead of time.

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