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'Retired - Red at Old House'
Call Name: 'Red'
OFA: Good
CERF: Normal
EIC: CLEAR from Parentage
CNM: CLEAR from Parentage
Red is our first British field lab and she has been a delight to raise as a puppy!  She has been one of our easiest to train and is very mellow, sweet, loves to play and retrieve.  She loves to play with our Havanese and is very gentle with them.  She has a beautiful dark red coat and is very pretty.  From the beginning, she has looked to us to receive a command and is eager to obey, making her a joy to be with!
More About: The British Field Lab: The British Field Lab is unique in many ways. British Field Labs are slimmer, and have finer features than American Field Labs.  Females typically run 45-60 pounds and males run 50-75 pounds. British Labradors come in three colors: black, yellow, and dark reddish-yellow (fox red). It should be noted that British are not the English show labs but the field labs in England.

Temperament: The British Field Lab has been bred for centuries to have a calm and relaxed temperament.  These labs are calm and relaxed from the day they're born. They are not high-strung dogs - they don't typically chew, bite, jump, etc.

The major difference between the American field lab and the British field lab is their temperament.  The British lines produce dogs that are very calm, intelligent, playful, and eager to please.  They have tremendous, natural instinctive hunting ability with a keen sense of smell.  Their strong sense to please gives them a trait which allows the most inexperienced handler the ability to communicate a training program effectively.  

These calm, sweet, loving, and even-tempered dogs are easy to train and need a soft hand both on the field and at home.  The easy-going temperament and playfulness of the British Labrador makes it the perfect choice for a family dog, as well as a hunting companion. Their inherent instinctive desire and drive to please is so strong, that they are not willing to make a mistake.  Once the handler makes it clear to the individual dog what he/she is asking of that retriever, the dog will be steady, strong, and firm on taking the command.  The British lab is so smart that they learn to not respond to a command out of fear or of possibly performing the command incorrectly.  Making sure the command is clearly understood by the dog is always the best route to master the command or drill.  These dogs want to do one thing and one thing

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Old House Labrador Retrievers
* Old House Labs reserves the right to first choice of litters
*In general,  Old House Labs  sells the fox red on limited registration
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