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October 28, 2019 Report From Proud Puppy Clients Harry & Sue R.: Citori’s second day at pheasant preserve her first time having a gun shot over her she got her bag limit in a half hour Harry is thrilled with her.  We both love her she going in for her spaying on 12/3 She just got a bath and she sleeping on the couch sent you pictures so you can brag because we surely are.  (see images above)


"Just wanted to say thank you to Old House Labs for our wonderful addition to our family!!! We received our puppy last week and he was everything we expected and MORE!! I was extremely skeptical about purchasing a puppy from an unknown source but would never go anywhere else if we were in need in the future! Mary Beth managed expectations extremely well and made the process very comfortable. Her knowledge of breeding and ability to pass along pertinent information was very helpful. We were told what to expect at all times, we were assured through pictures and videos that the puppies were in good care and we were given an overall sense of well being for the puppies sake. It felt as though the puppies were being raised as if they were part of her family. Mary Beth took initiative in coordinating the flight for our puppy and continually revised flight plan as more accommodating flights for the puppy became available!! We were concerned with long flights and layovers (for the pups comfortability) and she organized a well thought out flight plan so that he would be comfortable. She was up front and forth coming when the difference in flights would save us money and offered refunds for the difference even though she could have easily kept the money!! I would have happily paid twice as much for what she has given us. "Major" (puppies name) is extremely well behaved, great with our 1 1/2yr old, trained to let us know when he needs to go outside and a very smart pup!! This is all relative to his early weeks and how he was taken care of.. We took Major to the vet the following day after we received him and they gave him 5 stars for overall health, record organization and behavior!! This has truly been a great experience and has put us closer to completing our family!! It is truly priceless what you have given us!! Thank you so much!!!"

-Khoury Family


We named the puppy Molly,

and she's adjusting beautifully!  She cried at night in the crate for the first two nights, and then has been sleeping through the night.  So funny to see her appetite-such a lab!  We've been taking her to see spot think puppy kindergarten, and we love the teacher.  It's great to have all the handouts to refer to after class.  She gives us tons of information.    We have letters on our fridge for our son to spell words.  Molly has figured out that they're fun to swipe from the fridge and chew, so the letters are out of reach.  We keep her food in a container in the laundry room.  She has figured out how to open the door and desperately wants to be fed again.  She's a hoot!  AND, she's doing great with paper training, thanks to you and she has started scratching at the door to go out to potty.  Super!

We're having lots of fun with her.  Thank you for doing what you do for the breed.  We're glad we found you!


I'll send a pic soon. Nancy Coughlin


Wanted you to know that you and Toby got a very nice compliment today. Eric is out of town so Toby had to go to daycare and the trainer/sitter said that he is one of the calmest lab pups, he must be from a good breeder!
This is the 1st morning at his new home...breaking in the couch! Thanks for the wonderful Puppy. He's got a great personality and temperament.
Here is a picture of Stella Bloom relaxing at home!! She is a great puppy and we love her!!!
Mary Beth,

       I wanted to let you and your family know how special this little golden girl is that we adopted from you 10 days ago. She has blended seamlessly with her two new sisters. She and my 1 1/2 year old are inseparable as you can see from the picture. Caylee is showing Coda the ropes! My oldest Coco is taking more of a wait and see attitude, she and the cats have all accepted her? We are currently at our home in New Hampshire and she is enjoying the twigs, leaves, climbing rocks and our small pond. She is the most advanced puppy I have ever had. She is very bright and physically developed. She was climbing steps when we brought her home and is totally fearless with all that is new. We have not found anything she is afraid of. As much as she likes the dog play with the dogs, she loves to cuddle with her human family. I will take her to the vet this week..I am sure she is at least 15lbs. 

We are so grateful for her...I thank you for bringing such a special girl into the world. Have her brothers found homes? If they are like her at all, they will be treasured by their new families.

Thank you again!
Dudley is going great and we are thrilled to have him.  Here are some pictures of him.  We will stay in touch.

Dear Mary,
I hope you’ve been well! I wanted to send some updated pics of Butters —he has been doing so well! Feel free to share these on your page or Facebook. He is such a happy boy! We feel so lucky to have him. He is extremely social with both dogs and people, and he is extra good with the kiddies!


Hey Mary,

been a while but Ryder just turn 2 on the 7th just wanted to send you a few pictures. He’s been a great dog and is turning into quite the hunter.


Hey mary,

Our baby from you is almost 9 months old. We love her to pieces! I would recommend you to anyone looking for a great dog!


Love my old house lab. The best hunting dog I have ever owned. And look forward to getting another in the future


STILL loving our 8 year old lab we got from you. Such a sweet doggo.

My little chocolate tornado Indy passed her 1st NAHRA hunt test today.

Her brother Duke enjoyed his time by getting his 2nd pass of the season.

‘Cousins’ Lucy (brown) is 3 and Clayton (red) almost 2 both from Old House Labs. Both happy to be able to visit again after a long quarantine apart. Thank you for such beautiful, well tempered dogs 🥰

Blessed by this family and our common bond in Christ.  Their first puppy from Old House was a Christmas Eve pick up seven years ago and this year it was another family surprise on Thanksgiving Day

 The first is Duke and I loved their second is named Daisy because they are Duke's of Hazard fans


Thanks for such an awesome dog. We got him from you last August. His name is Chevy he’s awesome what a great dog. Just wanted to say thanks.
Thank you


Mary - just wanted to show you how big penny has gotten! She is 20 lbs and happy She is a joy. Thank you again for everything.

“Obedience is great... we had a 6 hour drive back from you... i stopped in queens to drop my mother off and the minute i put harley in her outside pen she went pee.. almost like someone showed her how to do that?!?!?  haha no but she is great sits on command goes potty outside she got her 3rd round of shots today so now we can venture off of the property i take her back in 3 weeks for lyme shot. Other then that nothing but compliments i get about her. Ive always had a family lab but this is my first on my own so we are learning each other  and all the dog people i know have nothing but good things to say about her and tell me that Harley's breeder must be the real deal so i also pass your information around hope you don't mind!”  Thank you Richie!


“We can’t get over how handsome he is! That’s what everyone says when they see him! He is simply the best & sooooo smart! Already knows the basic stuff!”


Our boy Beau just had his first birthday!!

Hi Mary,
As we approach Ember’s 1st birthday I wanted to send you a photo and give you an update.  Ember is from last November’s Jem & Scarlet litter.   She is a wonderful addition to our family.  Her temperament couldn’t be better.  She absolutely loves being around people.  
I have always had labs but Ember is by far the calmest lab puppy I’ve had.  She learned how to go to the bathroom outside very quickly, she never chewed any of our furniture or belongings (we made sure to have tons of things for her to chew on), she is excellent in her crate and almost never barks (unless she has a reason to).   We receive compliments on both her appearance as well as her temperament quite often.
I will say she is very attached to us and she gets a bit anxious if we aren’t near her when we are home.  For example if she is downstairs and we go upstairs she will cry until she comes up with us.  Aside from being a little anxious she is such a good girl. My daughters adore her and they keep asking for a second puppy so maybe someday we can add another puppy to our family.
Have a great holiday!
Lindsay Short


Another one on a first hunt. Tyler says he is enjoying it

Delta’s first goose retrieve! She is the best behaved and by far the smartest dog we have ever owned! Thank you so much Mary!

Happy First Birthday to our perfect Tormund! We love him so much. He’s still about 65 lbs. Loves playing fetch and swimming. Such an easy puppy and we don’t know what we’d do without him. Looking forward to many more birthdays to follow!


“Hes 10 wks old, housebreaking is fabulous, so proud of him, he is a really great dog, so glad we found you.. thank you!”

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