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Old House Labradors Health, Hip and Eye Guarantee

                                        I/We  _________________________________ do hereby enter into a contract with Old House Labradors for the purchase of a puppy. Your puppy is guaranteed to be in good health and free from all communicable disease, from the date of purchase listed below. I agree to the following terms and conditions with your puppy or the contract is therefore void. I understand that Old House Labradors can reassume ownership of the puppy with no refund if I am in default of my contract at any time. Purchaser has the right to have the puppy replaced by OHL subject to all of the following conditions:

*You are given four days from the time of sale to have your veterinarian examine your puppy. If within 12 months of age, the puppy dies or has a life-threatening birth defect, we must have a written report from your licensed veterinarian.

*Old House Labs has the option of getting a second opinion from our veterinarian by examining the puppy at our cost. OHL will replace the puppy, of equal value, to the purchaser. Buyer is only allowed one replacement puppy. The health, hip, eye guarantee is non-transferable to anyone but the original buyer of the puppy.

 *Puppy is guaranteed against inherited eye disorders for 12 months. All exams must be performed by a Canine Ophthalmologist. This also covers PRA.

*If the puppy is found to have moderate or severe Hip Dysphasia as a result of a genetic defect before the age of 26 months of age, all tests must be properly evaluated by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA) and given a rating below fair. If the puppy has not been X-rayed and evaluated by OFA between the age of 24 and 28 months of age this guarantee is void. This guarantee is also void if the puppy has been bred, sired, or conceived a litter before 24 months of age.

*OHL is not responsible for veterinary exam or x-rays, or any other related expenses at any time.

*There has been no neglect or abuse of the puppy by the purchaser that causes or aggravates any life threatening illness or disorder resulting in the death of the puppy.

Any replacement shall be our choice from the stock that we have on hand or from another expected litter. The replacement will be the same sex and color as the puppy purchased.


BREEDING INFORMATION:          BREEDER:_______________________________ 

SEX:     MALE/FEMALE                            D.O.B.:___________________

SIRE:__________________________     DAM:______________________________


                         Purchaser's Agreement



Old House Labrador Retrievers
* Old House Labs reserves the right to first choice of litters
*In general,  Old House Labs  sells the fox red on limited registration
unless exceptions are agreed upon ahead of time.

Blair & Mary Beth Powley

7310 Mount Morris - Nunda Rd.
Mt. Morris, NY 14510


901 Cothran Road
Columbia, TN. 38401

26 Month Health Guarantee