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Old House Labs has partnered with Custom Pup Training Services to offer a wide variety of training.  We specialize in hunting retrievers and hunt tests (including NAHRA, HRC, and AKC) but can train an even wider variety of skills.  We offer basic obedience training, bad habit correction training, and specialized training in sports including Obedience, Agility, Rally, and Hunt tests.  Here are a few training packages that could be benificial to you and your dog!

Board and Train (Monthly Package)**: This package includes at least 1 month of training specialized to the owners goals.  The dog will reside with Old House Labs for that time and will receive daily training and care specialized toward the owners goals.  The owner may add as many months of training as they would like.  The owner may also request that the dog be tested and/or earn a title while in training with Old House Labs.  These tests may include obedience, Canine Good Citizen, Rally, and Beginner Hunt tests.

Starter Dog Package**:  Upon purchase of a puppy through Old House Labs, the starter dog program is an option for those that want to make the puppy stages a bit easier.  Starter dogs can be a great option for those looking to get a young dog thats already trained in the basics.  It can be a great oportunity for those that don't want to go through the dreaded "puppy stages."  Many hunters, trainers, breeders, and even just families that want a well-behaved dog without the hassel opt towards starter dogs.  The starter dog package would include training in the basics which include crate training, house breaking, house manners, and beginner obedience.  Beginner obedience consists of the basics which are sit, down, stay (in both positions), come when called, walk on a loose leash/heeling, socialized, no jumping, and friendly toward other dogs and strangers.  The training for a starter dog would start at two months old with simple things like socialization, interaction with small challenges and new things, and the beginning steps of basic training.  By four months old the puppy would complete the starter dog program and would be ready for their new home.

Your starter dog can also be customizable.  There are many different avenues for a dog to go into and you can customize your starter dog towards what you want it to do.  This would include options like adding more months of training to the program, requesting that the dog complete the AKC CGC test, or requesting that specific things be worked into the dog.  This could include anything from requesting that the dog be taught more case specific house manners to things like introduction to retrieving and birds.  One could also add more months of training to the program and gear towards many different avenues including retrieving, force fetch, introduction to guns, and collar conditioning or further obedience training up to the AKC CD title requirements.

Boarding Services:*  Regular boarding services are available.  These include no training but offer your dog comfortable accomadations for an overnight stay and include daily stimulation and exercise.  To learn more click here and contact Emma directly.

* Regular boarding services will be unavailable from March 2024 - July 2024.

** Training services will be unavailable from March 2024 - August 2024.  Reservations for starter puppies that are estimated to begin training on or after August 2024 may still be made. 

Meet Emma

"My name is Emma and I am the head trainer for CPTS.  I have been mentored and trained by advanced dog trainers for many years.  I started in 4H where I was a part of the dog club and showed at county fairs and the NYS state fair each year.  I ended up winning first place at the New York state fair for obedience with my lab Gem (you can find him in the retired dogs section under galleries and pedigrees) and continued from there to compete in AKC.  I trained with many other trainers over the years all with different skills and methods in order to find the best one for me.  I have experimented and trained in many dog sports and have settled on hunt tests as my specialty.  I titled my first red Lab (Gem) in obedience and got him a Companion Dog (CD)  title through AKC as well as his Canine Good Citizen (CGC) title.  After that I focused my attention on Gun dogs and started working with 3 other labs for hunt tests with a trainer who taught upland and duck hunting.  I worked with her for over a year.  At this point I had been training for several years and so I titled that lab and gave her a Junior Hunt title through AKC.  I continued working with trainers and mentors and have recently began testing through HRC and NAHRA.  I have learned much and love working with dogs and I strongly believe that there is always more to learn."


For further information you can Contact Us and select the 'training' box on the contact form. 

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